Core values

Remember, this is not a ‘cheap’ dating network. At Affluence Dating, maintenance of high quality standards is a first priority. This is also valid for the way you present yourself in your personal profile. You are successful in your own domain, whether business, art, science, sports or finance. We expect you to project that level in your personal presentation. It should reflect affluent allure and emanate class in words and images, to guarantee that like minds will meet.

How to present yourself? The do's and don'ts!

Obviously, Affluence Dating members will be attracted by civilized use of language and discouraged by gutter words. A photograph projecting luxury and beauty, so suit and dress, or shorts and shirt will appeal. On the other hand, revealing swimming trunks or bikinis, hairy chests and tattoos will repel. Style is essential for our dating network and we will make sure to protect this aspect as much as your personal privacy. Pictures that do not represent you as a person will be rejected.

Anyone who does not abide by these rules will be removed without hesitation.

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