Core values

At Affluence Dating we provide an extensive platform where you can meet like-minded people of wealth and start dating at your own terms. Whether your goal is a long-term relation or just short-term companionship.

We are very aware of our quality standards and will protect them. We assume that all of our members will appreciate these standards and behave in a likewise manner.

Our world

In the world of the affluent there is plenty of room for luxury food and drink, prestige cars, modern trendy housing, fashion, art, design, jewellery and more. 

Because affluence is all about luxury, beauty and craft in the broadest sense of the word.


Affluence Dating promotes the luxurious lifestyle that our affluent members lead. They are people of wealth. Usually hard working persons that occasionally have free time to spare with other interesting individuals at beautiful resorts, on a vacation or city trip, and so forth.


Many people see the freedom of travelling as the ultimate form of relaxation. The urge to travel has never been higher, and we attach more and more value to the freedom to discover. Exotic destinations worldwide are the destinations of the affluent. The choices are plenty, and no place on earth is unreachable.


When going out on a date our members want to enjoy themselves. For a brief or more prolonged period of time away from the daily stress and fuss. The objective is relaxation, distraction and recreation in a luxury environment. 

They wish to seek companionship, which is exactly what this site enables them to do. We welcome all people with similar values to join us here.


Where we meet

Our members are used to travelling. They will want to meet at 3-star restaurants, their luxurious yachts, golf courses, polo or other horse events and art fairs anywhere around the world.